The Unstinger TM was introduced in Denmark during summer of 2014. Here are some of the responses we have been met with:


Sabine Brøner Hansen,


I was at a garden party and there were wasps all over the place. I was stung not once but twice!

Fortunately, the hostess had an Unstinger tm. Within three to four minutes after the sting the venom was sucked out.

After 10 minutes the pain was gone. After just a few minutes after using the Unstinger the area around the sting was also no longer swollen.

Because the host had an Unstinger tm, the sting did not ruin my day at the party. I was stung a second time at the same party, I knew exactly what to do

Naturally I have my own Unstinger tm now and I always keep it close to me in my purse.





Thomas Bundgaard,




We had bought an Unstinger tm for our vacation home, in the event that we would need it. My niece love to play with it because she finds the suction fun. She is allowed to play with it, mostly because I didn't think we would need it. 


But when I was bitten by a horsefly, I was happy that I had it close! I used it on my arm where it had bitten me and sucked several times until there was only a small red dot left. It rapidly eased the pain and I was actually surprised how effective it was!


Later during the same summer, my father was bitten by a soggy and the Unstinger tm was again put into use. Usually, when my father is bitten, he becomes red and swollen around the area bitten. This time there was no visible trace of the bite and no irritation or redness.


So now I have purchased two more Unstingers tm so that we have one at our vacation house, one at home, and one at work.






Kristian Brødsgaard,


In 1983 when the first insect poison remover was invented, we received one of the first ones when our family visited us in Texas, USA, where my father was stationed.

Only a few days later I was stung by a scorpion and the Unstinger tm immediately came into use! My parents rushed me to the emergency room, but when we arrived there the Unstinger tm had removed so much poison that they could not do more at the ER.

This year my brother and his girlfriend will visit Indonesia and they've got an Unstinger tm with them in their bag which they will have on them at all times.


Lise Lund, Fyn

I am highly allergic to bee and wasp stings. When I heard about the new Unstinger tm, I rushed to buy one and I keep it with me always.

It gives me a sense of security, and I can better relax when enjoying my gardening.

Lise Lund, on Facebook

My Unstinger was put to the test for the first time. A nasty thing (I don’t know what insect it was but sounded like a wasp) had found its way underneath my blouse and stung me on the shoulder. I am the type that reacts very strongly to wasp stings. I hurried up and took two of the pills I always carry and had a helper extract fluids for about 15 minutes (using the Unstinger). All the pain vanished, it wasn’t even swollen just a bit red. I am excited to see how it will be tomorrow but am very hopeful. I have never experienced being stung (by anything) without extreme swelling and pain.

The following dag:

I’m doing surprisingly well, there is a small red mark, a little sore if I press on it, but no swelling and no discomfort in any way.

Helena Ravnsbæk, Aalborg


At work we suffer with wasps, and one day I was stung. It hurts really bad and the rest of the day and the day after I was affected by it.

As if one sting wasn't enough, I was stung AGAIN a few weeks later.

A wasp crawled around in my hair and when I reached to scratch it, I was stung on my finger - but this time one of my colleagues had an Unstinger tm in her purse. Immediately after the poison was sucked out, the pain was remarkably less, and after a few minutes the swelling and pain was gone - 10 minutes later we could not see anything on my skin! The rest of that day and the next day, I didn't experience any pain at all, like I had the first time!


Jenny Phil, Svendborg




From Facebook:


Was stung in the car yesterday by a bee and really regretted not having my Unstinger in the glove compartment. I therefor had to wait an entire hour before I was home and could extract the venom. However, even after an hour I was able to extract venom and much of the swelling and redness disappeared. There is only a slight itch left today.

And what can I learn from that? I need to have an Unstinger in my car too! Happy summer greetings from an Unstinger owner.


Jan Høilund, Sennels



From Facebook:


Thank you Sanne and Thomas, this invention is perfect, how lucky that you had one lying around. A wonderful day with good friends came to a sudden holt, when Viktor was stung by 3 wasps out of the blue (read: PANIK AND CRYING) but this Unstinger removed all the poison, and the itching and irritation never happened. That’s clever!



Maja Andersen, Agerskov

Visiting San Diego in California, my 4-year-old son was bitten by a poisonous snake when he was running and playing on a field nearby a forrest.

I heard a loud scream and immediately ran up to him. The snake escaped, I picked my son up and ran to the car, where I had a Unstinger in the glove compartment. I placed it over the bite and started sucking out the venom. My husband started the car so we could drive to the nearest emergency room, while I continued to apply suction over and over again and again.

The doctors at the emergency room examined the area around the bite thoroughly and concluded that there had already been extracted so much poison that all they had to do was keep my son for observation.

After a few hours we were allowed to return home without further treatment.
Jette Bernth, Bagsværd


I was out walking in a large, wild forest in Sweden when I saw some chanterelles that I went over to pick up. Unfortunately I did so, I happened to step on a poisonous snake (viper) that then bit me on the ankle - it hurt terribly, and I had heard that you should try to suck the venom out with mouth, which I tried it unsuccessfully.


Fortunately, I remembered that I had my Unstinger in my pocket, so I placed it on over the bite, and sucked all I could out several times.
I then limped back to the doctor in Ljungby, but he did not think that there was a need for further treatment, since he estimated that almost all the poison was sucked out.


Else Marie Rubinke, Nr. Soeby

FullSizeRender kopi

I was walking from the beach to our vacation home, when I stepped on a bee or wasp. I haven't been stung in years and could not belive how much it hurt. I humped home, used my Unstinger and the pain completely vanished! I could not belive how effective it was!


A few days later my son in law was bitten by a mosquito and on the picture, I am ridding him from itching and redness.